Huge volumes of dirty medical supplies flow into United States

U.S. 10/25/21, 17:00

A months-long investigation found tens of millions of counterfeit and second-hand disposable gloves were shipped to the United States on Oct. 25. Authorities have launched criminal investigations into how contaminated supplies found their way into America. Investigators are examining allegations the supplies were washed and recycled. Some gloves allegedly had bloodstains while ...

Del Rio Port of Entry blocked due to migrant influx

Central America 09/19/21, 21:08

Thousands of migrants are still waiting under the international bridge between Del Rio and Ciudad Acuña. U.S. Customs and Border Protection responded by temporarily shutting down the infrastructure on Sept. 17. The federal agency that oversees U.S. borders closed the Del Rio Port of Entry, citing "urgent safety and security ...

Border Patrol hires civilians to cope with migrant surge

Texas 09/19/21, 20:13

A massive influx of Haitian asylum seekers arriving at a small Texas city prompted a federal border protection agency to seek help from civilians. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is hiring anyone who can help free-up agents at Del Rio, 240 miles southwest of Austin. CBP is offering about 1,200 border ...

Human smugglers sponsor Facebook ads to recruit pregnant migrants

Tech 08/24/21, 21:07

People smuggling rings resort to paid online advertising to entice pregnant women and mothers of young children to unlawfully enter the United States. Human traffickers linked to cartels in Mexico and Central America have sponsored Facebook ads, and used WhatsApp commercial accounts, to recruit new migrant customers. Vice News reported smugglers recently ...

VP Harris taunts Trump administration on inaugural border visit

Central America 06/27/21, 20:22

A Democrat from California used her first visit to the U.S.–Mexico border to criticize the previous president. On her inaugural trip to the southern border Vice President Kamala Harris took a swipe at Donald Trump's "disastrous" policies that still have immigration flow-on "effects" despite the new Biden administration coming into power. "It ...

Customs and Border Protection cracks down on Chinese forced labor camp products

China 09/15/20, 02:59

A federal border control authority is banning products that appear to be made from forced labor. A variety of fabric, clothing, hair products, and computer parts will be prohibited because there are reasonable grounds to suspect they originated from state-sponsored forced labor camps in mainland China. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) ...

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