Cuba: More than 1000 disappearances in 20 days, announces human rights organization

America 08/03/21, 15:40

The Cuban Observatory for Human Rights (OCDH), a non-governmental organization dedicated to identifying detentions and irregularities of the communist regime towards political dissidents, alerted the world population after having counted more than a thousand disappearances after arrests in Cuba since protests began in the streets on July 11 demanding the ...

Biden issues sanctions against Cuba, saying more to come

U.S. 07/31/21, 16:41

The Biden administration, on Friday, July 30, introduced new sanctions against Cuban authorities, including the police force, for using violence to crack down on peaceful protesters.  The U.S. Treasury Department announced that the penalties target Cuban police director Oscar Callejas Valcarce and his deputy, Eddy Sierra Arias, as well as the ...

‘There is no embargo on the Cuban people’: Assures Sen. Rubio

U.S. 07/14/21, 15:36

Republican Senator Marco Rubio was critical of the leftist narrative that argues the deep economic crisis and the great social chaos suffered by Cuba due to an embargo imposed by the United States. According to the senator, the measures are aimed against the dictatorial communist state and not against the ...

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