New Hampshire Gov. Sununu opposes rewarding people for denouncing teachers

U.S. 11/19/21, 04:39

On Thursday, Nov. 18, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu criticized a conservative group for offering a $500 reward to the first person to discover a public school teacher who violates the state's new restrictions on discussing systemic racism and other themes. "The Governor condemns the tweet referencing 'bounties,' and any sort ...

New York City declares ‘racism’ a ‘public health crisis’

New York 10/20/21, 17:02

The New York City Board of Health passed a resolution on Monday, Oct. 18, declaring that racism is a "public health crisis" based on the notion that the health care system is racist because it disproportionately affects black communities and other "non-white" minorities. "To build a healthier New York City, we ...

China is employing ‘wokeism’ as a tool to Erode American Democracy

China 09/19/21, 04:33

Vivek Ramaswamy, author of "Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America's Social Justice Scam" said that China's communist regime is employing "wokeism" as a geopolitical tool to destroy U.S. democracy."Woke" has been used as a catch-all term to characterize left-wing groups and ideas that aim to promote social justice and are informed ...

Patriot group launches campaign to fight “Critical Race Theory” in schools

U.S. 09/04/21, 20:18

A group inspired by former President Trump's 1776 Commission has just launched a strong campaign recognizing September as "Patriot Education Month." The initiative is part of its mission to "counter false and misleading accounts of American history" in schools and encourage students to take pride in being part of their ...

Senate Republicans succeed in banning funding for critical race theory in schools

U.S. 08/11/21, 20:37

The U.S. Senate passed through the budget reconciliation package the amendment introduced by Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton on Tuesday, Aug. 10. It prohibits federal funds from being used to promote critical race theory (CRT) in schools. CRT has generated considerable debate in school districts across the country in recent months. ...

Sen. Cotton to introduce bill to banish Critical Race Theory from the military

U.S. 07/17/21, 18:14

At a Republican dinner in northern Lincoln County, New Hampshire, on Friday, July 16, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) announced that he will seek to prevent military officers from teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) and will introduce legislation to do so, Breitbart News reported. Of the Republicans fighting against the progressives' advance ...

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