China’s banks might run into $355 billion loss from real estate crisis: Report

Economy 08/03/22, 03:18

According to Bloomberg, China's banks might end up losing mortgages of 355 billion dollars as confidence in the country's real estate market plunges. With slowing economic growth and prolonged lockdowns from Covid control measures, there is no sign of recovery in the long-troubled property sector. The ongoing crisis deepened when hundreds of ...

Wall Street stocks fall to close its worst quarter in 2 years

U.S. 04/01/22, 08:57

Wall Street closed its worst quarter in two years, as concerns persist over the Russia-Ukraine conflict that has led to rising fuel prices and intensified inflation. U.S. stocks plunged on Thursday, despite posting a 3.6% gain in March, leading to the worst quarterly performance since the first quarter of 2020, when ...

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