You will reap what you sow: Crime soars in cities that defunded the police

U.S. 04/03/21, 17:15

Nearly a year into the movement to 'defund the police' in cities like Portland, Los Angeles, New York, and Minneapolis, where they effectively slashed the police force's budget, crime soared sharply. George Floyd, the scapegoat The death in police custody of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, triggered a wave of protests ...

Cost of repairing damage caused by extreme ‘anarchist’ protests expected to reach $2 billion

2022 Campaign 09/17/20, 03:00

New data shows months of destructive anti-police protests left a record high repair bill for property owners. Nearly two weeks of looting of businesses and vandalism against religious and historical monuments created multibillion-dollar damages across the nation. The Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) estimates the total value of insurance claims across 20 states ...

Months of riots result in increase in crime and businesses destroyed

U.S. 07/29/20, 13:06

The situation is not encouraging for many cities in the United States that are already going through months of violent protests, which began after George Floyd's death in the city of Minneapolis; stores destroyed, buildings burned, higher rates of homicide and crime is up to 100% more than last year. Let's ...

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