California crab fisheries to close early to protect whales

U.S. 03/26/19, 16:59

California crab fisheries will close for the season in April when whales are feeding off the state's coast as part of an effort to keep Dungeness crab fishery gear from killing protected whales, officials announced Tuesday.The April 15 closure, three months before the crab fishing season normally ends, is part ...

3 dead after commercial crabbing vessel capsizes off Oregon

U.S. 01/09/19, 14:59

A commercial crabbing boat capsized in rough waters off the Oregon coast, killing the three men aboard and sending a shock wave through a seafaring community already struggling from a month-long delay to the annual crabbing season. The U.S. Coast Guard said the vessel, the Mary B. II, overturned about 10 ...

Canadian crabs with bad attitude threaten coastal ecosystem

Science 09/18/18, 22:58

Canadians are known as friendly folks, but these crabby brutes migrating from Canadian waters are better suited for the hockey rink.Green crabs from Nova Scotia are the same species as their cousins that already inhabit Maine waters, but are ornerier and angrier, threatening to accelerate harm to the coastal ecosystem ...

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