Live Free and Fly: New Hampshire House approves state raptor

U.S. 03/20/19, 16:19

It was a good day for red-tailed hawks and a bad day for coyotes Wednesday as the New Hampshire House voted in favor of honoring one predator but against protecting another.Four years ago, lawmakers made national news by refusing to pass a bill promoted by Hampton Falls fourth-graders designating the ...

Off-duty cop who throttled attacking coyote is Carnegie Hero

U.S. 03/19/19, 13:45

An off-duty police officer who rescued a 5-year-old girl from a rabid coyote at a New York playground is one of 19 people being honored with Carnegie Medals for heroism. The Pittsburgh-based Carnegie Hero Fund Commission announced the award winners on Monday. Arcangelo Liberatore was at the playground in Thornwood, New York, ...

Popularity of fur-trimmed parkas a boon for coyote trappers

New York 02/28/19, 01:15

Those fur-trimmed parkas so common on city sidewalks have become a boon to backwoods trappers.Coyote fur pelts are in big demand to provide the lush, silvery or tawny-tinged arcs of fur on the hoods on Canada Goose coats and their many global imitators. A good western coyote, prized for its ...

Oregon Environmental groups oppose use of cyanide capsules

Enviroment 10/01/18, 20:27

Nearly 100 environmental groups are calling for a ban in Oregon on the use of cyanide capsules to control predators like coyotes, foxes and wild dogs that can attack and eat livestock animals, a newspaper reported.The groups sent a letter this month to state and federal agencies calling the M-44 ...

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