Astonishing reason why Tianjin is under a large-scale lockdown again

Corruption 07/29/22, 18:17

According to Baidu, the Tianjin government announced that from July 27 to 29, nucleic acid testing would be carried out for three consecutive days in the Jingkai Group and Binhai New Economic Zone in the Microelectronics Industrial Park in Dasi Town, Xiqing District. The notice advises people in these areas not to leave the ...

China’s ‘Zero-COVID’ policy wreaks havoc on its airline industry

Economy 01/29/22, 19:36

The Chinese regime has promoted the suspension of flights to ensure the goal of "Zero COVID." Unfortunately, this policy has severely disrupted an aviation industry already suffering from the pandemic. According to Nikkei, in 2021, China suspended 603 flights. As of January 13th, China suspended 198 flights in the new year, ...

Tears and relief as COVID travel restrictions are lifted in the US

U.S. 11/08/21, 23:40

As the U.S. dropped its COVID-19 travel restrictions for the first time in 20 months, tearful reunions took place at JFK airport and U.S. land borders on Monday on Nov. 8. Parents held their newborn children and delighted in returning home after being stranded in another country. Couples who had been ...

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