Rothschild foundation chairman pushing for COVID jab for French children

Europe 06/24/21, 03:05

France’s 'Mr. Vaccine', Alain Fischer, believes that vaccination against the CCP Virus (or COVID-19) in minors is critical in achieving herb immunity, saying it is “an arithmetic imperative.” The conversation around vaccination for underage recipients remains morally controversial. While many adults can refuse to get the doses themselves due to their ...

CDC claims breakthrough COVID-19 infections post-vaccination are rare

News 05/26/21, 21:39

After more than 10,000 breakthrough cases, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) still dubbed such possibility rare when comparing it to more than 130 million fully vaccinated Americans. Vaccination breakthrough happens when an individual who already received all necessary doses to be confirmed immunized from the Chinese Communist ...

Marylanders offered $40,000 lottery prizes to get COVID vaccine

News 05/25/21, 20:53

Free beer, free pizza, free donuts, and now is the free cash award offered to incentivize locals to get their coronavirus vaccines.   Starting today, Marylanders who have received their Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus or COVID-19 vaccines would be able to cash in on their health! This is a collaboration between the ...

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