Trump warns of adverse effects of COVID vaccines on children and youths

U.S. 06/17/21, 17:45

During an interview Wednesday night, June 16, on Fox News, former President Donald Trump expressed concern about the abundant reports revealing severe adverse effects in children and young people after receiving the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus vaccine, suggesting that it would not be necessary to vaccinate that population. In a ...

Pfizer document on COVID trial period warned of those vaccinated causing serious effects by breathing near or touching unvaccinated persons

U.S. 05/04/21, 16:07

A Pfizer pharmaceutical company document recently unearthed by alternative media lays out a safety protocol for the CCP Virus (COVID-19) vaccine trial period. One of its statements indicates that vaccinees (those who are vaccinated) could cause 'serious adverse events' to unvaccinated persons simply by breathing near or touching them. The lengthy ...

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