24-hour cremation: Shanghai funeral home overloaded

In-depth Reports 05/04/22, 13:06

Shanghai began to release the number of deaths among its COVID-19 patients while the strict lockdown continues. Reuters reported that the official data released since April 17 shows a sudden increase in deaths. However, the reliability of those figures is questioned, as they remain far lower than elsewhere. Recently, the Jiading ...

Worst COVID-19 scenario, Indonesia battles 54,000 cases per day

Australia & Oceania 07/15/21, 03:45

For the first time, Indonesia recorded over 54,000 new coronavirus cases a day, exceeding previous daily infections in India, whose devastating outbreak is winding down. Indonesia is establishing itself as Asia's new virus madness center. Officials are concerned that the more highly transmissible Delta variant is spreading from the Indonesian islands ...

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