Down feather market in mainland: Counterfeit clothes sold at 10-fold price hike

Insights 02/17/22, 19:11

The feather down-market in mainland China is chaotically profound, with high-end brands squeezing profits by mixing low-quality products among standard ones and selling them at 10 times their actual cost. Sina News reported that the Chinese authorities have recently penalized Yi Nian (Shanghai) Fashion Trading for selling poor quality counterfeit jackets ...

Over 170,000 fake N95 masks from China seized in Houston

U.S. 04/17/21, 22:39

The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported on Thursday, April 15, it had intercepted a package of over 170,000 fake N95 masks from China, with an approximate retail value of nearly $350,000. The shipment of counterfeit 'made in China' masks was on its way to White Plains, New York, before being seized by ...

President Trump launches crackdown on counterfeit and pirated goods

Politics 04/03/19, 18:32

President Donald Trump on Wednesday released a memorandum directing various agencies to launch a crackdown on "counterfeit and pirated goods." "It is the policy of my Administration to protect American businesses, intellectual property rights holders, consumers, national and economic security, and the American public from the dangers and negative effects of ...

Trump signs memorandum to stem counterfeit goods trafficking

Politics 04/03/19, 10:26

President Donald Trump is signing a presidential memorandum aimed at curbing what the administration is calling the "Wild West" of online trafficking in counterfeit goods. The memorandum is aimed at stopping the sale of counterfeit products on sites like Amazon, Ebay and China's e-commerce leader, Alibaba. Peter Navarro directs the White House ...

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