Four new reports predict devastating days for the deep state

10/28/19, 16:35

Four reports published on Friday, Oct. 25, uncovered many of the criminal activities committed by what is known as the deep state during the presidency of Democrat Barack Obama. A recent book written by former Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, "The Deep ...

Obama endorses Justin Trudeau, ignores Joe Biden

2020 Campaign 10/17/19, 06:38

Former President Barack Obama endorsed the prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau but has yet to express his support for former Vice President Joe Biden's race to the White House and speak out on Biden and his son's Ukraine scandal. "I ...

President Trump said: ‘DRAIN THE SWAMP!’

Politics 10/07/19, 18:59

President Trump tweeted on Monday, Oct. 7, that he was to 'DRAIN THE SWAMP!' - reminding voters it was a priority of his when he was elected to the top job. Two days earlier, on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 5, President Trump ...

Peru’s president accuses AG of damaging big corruption probe

America 01/01/19, 20:43

Thousands of Peruvians marched in protest again Tuesday decrying the attorney general's dismissal of a team investigating the sweeping Odebrecht corruption case in a move that President Martin Vizcarra decried as "profoundly damaging."Demonstrators carried a giant Peruvian flag through Lima ...

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