A federal judge in Florida has refused to overturn the state’s mask mandate

News 09/18/21, 15:29

A federal judge on Wednesday, Sept, 15 refused to overturn a ban established by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis to prevent Florida students from wearing masks unless by choice during the COVID-19 pandemic. As TheBL previously reported, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) on Friday, July 30, signed an executive order that forbade ...

Gavin Newsom’s two children tested positive for COVID-19

News 09/18/21, 03:32

Two of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s four children have contracted COVID-19, but Newsom himself does not have the virus, the governor’s office said on Friday, Sept. 17.“The governor’s children tested positive for COVID-19,” Newsom spokesperson Erin Mellon said in a statement, according to Politico.“The governor, the first partner, and the other ...

Australian business owners declare they will welcome unvaccinated customers

News 09/15/21, 04:21

Even if people are not vaccinated against COVID-19, Australian business owners state they will welcome everyone to their restaurants, salons, and bars.The rebellion comes after the New South Wales (NSW) government became the first Australian jurisdiction to establish a pathway, which includes vaccination targets, to move the state away from ...

London police officers stop Good Friday ceremony for CCP Virus violations

Trending 04/04/21, 00:13

Two Metropolitan Police officers described as "absolutely disgraceful" were seen on public networks on Friday, April 2, disrupting a pre-Easter ceremony at Christ the King Polish RC Church in Balham, London—because it violated CCP Virus (COVID-19) pandemic rules. Although parts of the United States are now open, particularly on religious holidays ...

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