People ‘against the communist dictatorship’: Florida governor presses Biden to broadcast Wifi backup for Cubans

U.S. 07/18/21, 02:23

After Cuba's communist dictatorship stopped its people from updating their nation protest, Republicans are putting pressure on the Biden administration to provide internet access to back them up. On Wednesday night July 14, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Republican Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Brendan Carr requested President Joe Biden to assist ...

Biden admits communism is ‘a universally failed system’ after Cuba protests

U.S. 07/16/21, 15:18

President Joe Biden has admitted communism is a failed system amid criticisms that the administration can’t take a stand against violent communist Cuba where protesters are hitting the streets to call for freedom. During a joint press conference with German Chancellor Merkel on Thursday, July 15, a reporter asked Biden to ...

‘There is no embargo on the Cuban people’: Assures Sen. Rubio

U.S. 07/14/21, 15:36

Republican Senator Marco Rubio was critical of the leftist narrative that argues the deep economic crisis and the great social chaos suffered by Cuba due to an embargo imposed by the United States. According to the senator, the measures are aimed against the dictatorial communist state and not against the ...

Trump warns that: ‘Critical theory is ridiculous left-wing dogma’

U.S. 06/18/21, 18:03

Amid the nationwide debate over the teaching in schools and colleges of controversial critical race theory (CRT), former President Donald Trump weighed in by writing a column in Real Clear Politics, urging lawmakers and parents to act against what he called "toxic" and "un-American" indoctrination. Trump sent a highly critical message ...

Wikipedia joins leftist and censoring media, says its co-founder

U.S. 02/18/21, 19:16

The co-founder of Wikipedia, the "free" encyclopedia, warns that the popular platform currently shares ideology with Big Tech and claims that it is heavily influenced by a pro-communist bias and far from the neutrality it boasts of possessing.  Big Tech faces repeated and well-founded accusations of leftist bias and censorship, but ...

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