Biden is ‘finishing the job’ of my presidency says Barack Obama

Opinion 06/04/21, 00:30

A Democrat, who likes to reminisce about his time as president, revealed his former second-in-command is just doing unfinished business in the Oval Office. Barack Obama openly admitted President Joe Biden is using the Oval Office to grant his predecessor's wishes. "I think that what we are seeing now, is Joe and ...

Democratic Transport Secretary Buttigieg caught ‘misleading people’ with 19 million new jobs claim

Trending 04/12/21, 02:41

A Democrat, who advises the president on federal transport programs, allegedly misrepresented an infrastructure package's impact on unemployment. Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg was caught significantly exaggerating how many jobs the Joe Biden administration's $2 trillion infrastructure bill would create. Buttigieg and President Biden had suggested the proposal would directly result in 19 ...

US to help finance decarbonization in the Middle East and North Africa

U.S. 04/07/21, 19:16

In a joint statement released on Monday, April 5, by the United States and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the two nations reaffirmed their pledge to help finance decarbonization in the Middle East and North Africa. “We will also cooperate closely to make new investments in financing decarbonization across both the ...

Setback for Bill Gates: Sweden cancels his controversial project to dim the Sun

U.S. 04/02/21, 16:50

The Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) announced that the flight to test the possibility of dimming the sun's rays' incidence on the Earth, planned for June, would not go ahead. "The scientific community is divided regarding geoengineering, including any related technology tests such as the planned technical balloon test flight from Esrange ...

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blames border crisis partly on climate change

U.S. 03/30/21, 04:18

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) proclaimed in a virtual press conference on Thursday, March 25, that climate change is one-factor driving illegal immigrants north from Central America toward the United States. In the conference, Pelosi said a few months before the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus (coronavirus) crisis began, she had ...

Me Too movement criticizes VP Harris for asking former President Clinton for advice on empowering women

U.S. 03/25/21, 00:32

Prominent sexual assault survivors have denounced a Californian Democrat who asked an accused sex offender for tips on promoting a female's self-worth. Me Too movement supporters Leslie Millwee and Juanita Broaddrick strongly criticized Vice President Kamala Harris for co-hosting the Clinton Global Initiative University meeting with former President Bill Clinton. The women ...

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