US: New lawsuit says Subway tuna sample contains chicken, pork, cattle DNA

News 11/12/21, 15:41

On Nov. 8, a third complaint accusing Subway of deceiving the public was presented, saying that a lab testing has revealed that Subway’s tuna products contain other animal proteins, including chicken, pork, and cattle, rather than “100% tuna” as advertised, Reuters informed. This week, San Francisco’s federal court has received the third version ...

Randy Quaid invites Texans to file class action lawsuit after President Biden insult

U.S. 03/05/21, 16:04

Following the announcement by the governors of Texas and Mississippi of their intentions to completely reopen their states and lift all security guidelines, closures, and masking mandates, President Joe Biden accused those who advocate such ideas of possessing "Neanderthal thinking." Well-known conservative actor Randy Quaid reacted angrily to the President's ...

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