Psychiatric prisons, endless suffering for Chinese dissidents

Trending 08/17/22, 18:19

A report published in August by the HRD organization Safeguard Defenders revealed that more than 100 pro-democracy, human rights, and dissident activists were convicted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), deprived of their freedom, and detained in psychiatric hospitals.  The system known as "Ankang" is a network of psychiatric hospitals across ...

Witness: A group of people is discriminated against in Chinese prisons

Insights 07/20/22, 16:53

A human rights activist who witnessed the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) persecution of people arrested for their faith said that the CCP wants to control people's minds; their biggest fear is people's persistence with their faith. Witness: There is discrimination in a Chinese prison In an interview with Epoch Times, Ma Yongtao 马永涛, ...

BBC invests in Chinese state-owned firms linked to genocide, report reveals

China 12/07/21, 16:42

The BBC has invested millions of dollars in companies controlled by China's repressive regime, accused of committing genocide against ethnic and religious minorities in the Asian country.  As reported by the Daily Mail, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) injected more than $199 million from the pension funds of current and former ...

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