China is vigorously infiltrating democratic societies, warns Taiwanese expert

China 01/26/22, 17:36

The CCP's comprehensive infiltration into Western society is alarming for democratic countries. Taiwan military experts remind that when politicians from various countries come to mainland China for organ transplants of unknown origin, the CCP will use it as a threat against them. Beijing is advancing its espionage system to achieve political interference ...

33 congressmen advise an entity linked to Chinese regime, report reveals

China 12/22/21, 15:26

A report reveals that 33 congressmen advise the Humpty Dumpty Institute (HDI) think tank associated with the counterpart Taihe Institute, which employs more than a dozen members of the Chinese communist regime. The Taihe Institute was involved in an August report discrediting the United States as a "failed country" for its ...

Poland: Huawei director on trial for spying for the CCP

Europe 06/01/21, 19:41

Two men, one Chinese and a Polish national, went on trial Tuesday, June 1, in a Warsaw court accused of using the business of Chinese technology company Huawei as a cover for accessing sensitive Polish government information, Breitbart reported. Weijing Wang and Piotr Durbajlo were arrested in January 2019. Wang has ...

Justice Department Charges 5 Chinese and 2 Malaysian Citizens with Hacking

China 09/16/20, 19:34

The U.S. government on Wednesday announced global hacking charges against five Chinese and two Malaysian citizens. The Justice Department charged them with computer intrusion against more than 100 U.S. and foreign companies. The two Malaysians have already been arrested, while the five Chinese are still at large in China. The Department of ...

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