Beijing fines Japanese 7-Eleven for recognizing Taiwan as independent nation

China 01/22/22, 17:53

According to Just Earth News, the Chinese regime has fined Japan-based Seven & I Holdings, the 7-Eleven convenience store chain owner, for referring to Taiwan as an independent nation on its website.  The fine amount is 150,000 yuan, equivalent to $23,500.  Seven & I Holdings is not the first foreign company that ...

If China invades Taiwan, it ‘can impact nothing, but lose a lot’

China 12/14/21, 01:37

Former Chinese Navy Command lieutenant colonel Yao Cheng said that The Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) army was not powerful enough to invade Taiwan. In a recent interview with "Vision Times," Yao said that all of the CCP's attempts to invade Taiwan are merely a show of strength. At present, the Chinese military ...

President Biden: US will defend Taiwan

Washington 10/22/21, 15:33

President Joe Biden, on Thursday, Oct. 21, declared that the U.S. would come to defend Taiwan if it is under attack by Beijing.  "Yes, we have a commitment to do that," Biden said at a CNN town hall event Thursday when asked about the recently intensified conflict between both nations. When Beijing ...

Chinese state media threatens US again: This time with an airstrike

China 10/09/21, 03:28

Global Times, the mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party, sent out another hostile warning to the U.S. this week. This time it reacted to the news about U.S. secret military training in Taiwan. "See whether the PLA [People's Liberation Army] will launch a targeted air strike to eliminate those U.S. invaders!" ...

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