Japanese government demands the CCP end humiliating anal testing of Japanese for virus

U.S. 03/02/21, 11:11

The Japanese government has called on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to stop ordering its officials to conduct anal smear tests allegedly against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus or COVID-19 on Japanese citizens after receiving complaints that such a procedure causes "psychological pain." Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato told ...

NBA prevents personalization of ‘FreeHongKong’ T-shirts in support of democracy

U.S. 07/14/20, 18:02

The National Basketball Association's (NBA) online store prohibited people from ordering customizable T-shirts with the phrase 'FreeHongKong' printed on the back to support the former British colony's democracy movements. As reported by the Daily Wire, sports commentator Clay Travis posted a video on Twitter showing that when he tried to name ...

US lawmaker warns that there could be an armed conflict with the CCP

U.S. 07/13/20, 16:36

Amid the tensions between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Rep. Ted Yoho, (R-Fla.) suggested a confrontation between the two countries would take place in the coming months. In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Yoho, who views the CCP's expansionist policies with suspicion, predicted that the confrontation ...

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