Chinese on more restrictions and clash with police in Guangzhou

Trending 11/15/22, 16:38

Since Monday, November 7, Guangzhou residents have been subject to the communist regime's strict "zero-COVID" policies. Some districts, such as Haizhu, are locked down with barricades. The restrictions were tightened by the emergence of 12,000 new positive cases, many of which are asymptomatic, in a city of 19 million people. However, ...

The strong protests against the Chinese regime that spread around the world

Social problem 10/27/22, 15:15

The October 13 incident on Sitong Bridge in Haidian District, Beijing, where banners protesting against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) appeared, spread to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiang, and the world. Slogans against the "Zero-COVID policy" or the "common prosperity" initiative pointed directly at the CCP and its Politburo, where the power of the red ...

Anti-Xi protest location: God’s will or perfect plan?

Corruption 10/18/22, 16:09

During the sensitive time when the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was approaching, some anti-government banners suddenly appeared in the area of Sitong Bridge in Beijing City on October 13.  Two huge protest banners were hanging on both sides of the bridge. The one on the left says: "No ...

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