How did China become the world’s No.1 Intellectual Property thief?

Tech 06/06/22, 06:17

$600 billion, do you have any idea of what one could do with that huge amount of money? In May 2022, Ukrainian President Zelensky estimated that it would take roughly $600 billion to rebuild his country from the pile of debris left after the war, reported The Wall Street Journal. ...

Hackers with ties to China target News Corporation

Tech 02/06/22, 15:41

News Corp, owned by Rupert Murdoch, disclosed on Friday that hackers gained access to the company's email accounts and got access to the information of an unidentified number of journalists. The cybersecurity firm Mandiant stopped the breach, according to Reuters, The media company's internet security adviser said the breach was most ...

Australia: Chinese hacker attack nearly cut power grid

Australia & Oceania 12/09/21, 20:17

According to official Australian sources, millions of citizens were minutes away from losing power as a result of a cyber-attack apparently carried out by Chinese hackers against CS Energy, a major power grid. The ransomware attack was carried out on Nov. 27, and although specialists managed to stop it at the ...

Religious organizations call on the US Attorney General to declare the CCP a “transnational criminal organization”

China 07/27/20, 18:47

Representatives of more than 70 non-governmental organizations, mainly religious, and about 500 political activists sent a letter—dated July 23, 2020—to William Barr, Attorney General of the United States. The letter asked that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) be declared a "transnational criminal organization", Fox News reported. The letter was written by ...

US government charges two Chinese citizens with serious charges for attempted information theft of CCP Virus

China 07/23/20, 18:25

The Justice Department on Tuesday, July 21,  issued an 11-count indictment against two Chinese citizens, accused of conducting a hacking campaign for information theft and extortion. U.S. laboratories conducting studies investigating vaccines to combat the CCP Virus are among the hundreds of entities that fell victim to data-stealing hacking. The Justice Department ...

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