Warning: Chinese origin Fentanyl is quietly destroying American youth

Corruption 08/23/22, 17:53

Amid the tension between China and the U.S. recently, there's also friction over another issue—the illegal trade in synthetic drugs. The U.S. believes factory-produced opioids—powerful painkillers increasingly abused by U.S. citizens—are being made in and sold from China. One of the main ones is fentanyl—50 to 100 times stronger than morphine—which is ...

Alarming spike in fentanyl-related deaths in Montana

U.S. 06/29/21, 03:54

Montana state health officials are reporting a troubling increase in fentanyl-related mortality in 2020, with no signs of a decline in 2021. Since October, federal agents have recovered more fentanyl along the US-Mexico border in Arizona and California than they did for the whole fiscal year 2020. Fentanyl was involved in roughly ...

Chinese and Mexican criminals promote a dangerous new drug

China 04/16/21, 17:43

A dangerous, addictive drug is wreaking havoc in the United States. It is even more powerful than the deadly fentanyl and is being legally marketed in the country and Europe.  A California-based anti-addiction drug activist, who preferred to remain anonymous, related that it is isotonitazene-based compounds, often mixed with heroin or ...

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