China’s ‘Wolf warrior diplomacy’ comes to a halt, as budget curtailed and new hirings stagnated

China 12/18/21, 21:38

According to Apollo News, the Chinese regime's ‘Wolf warrior diplomacy’ has increasingly lost the world's sympathy for China. Many countries have "shunned" Beijing. ‘Wolf warrior diplomacy’ is an aggressive style of diplomacy adopted by Chinese diplomats in the 21st century under Xi Jinping's administration. The diplomacy's proponents loudly denounce any criticism ...

Expert: Beijing’s ‘Wolf War’ diplomacy is a way of covering up the truth

D.C. 10/21/21, 15:20

Two very skilled and specialized writers on China-related matters, Frank Fang and Cathy He, have examined how China's wolf diplomats fight the political war against China in The Western Hemisphere. Commentaries on the motivations for Beijing's diplomacy are among them. Chinese diplomats have repeatedly threatened and slandered countries such as France, ...

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