Westernized’ texts are updated in Chinese schools to reinforce the ideology of the communist regime

China 02/17/20, 10:19

Primary and secondary schools all over China have been implementing increasingly rigorous parameters regarding teaching materials. The Ministry of National Education seeks to adopt—without omission—the ideological guidelines of the Chinese communist regime for each new generation of Chinese student.  According to Bitter Winter magazine, the new study material is related to ...

President Trump: Greenland ‘a large real estate deal’?

U.S. 08/19/19, 18:37

President Donald Trump said the idea of buying Greenland from Denmark cropped up during talks within his administration. “I don't know. It got released somehow. It's just something we talked about,” said President Trump. He compared the possibility of a purchase as "a large real estate deal" and stated that it ...

Seniors rally to support Hong Kong youth

World 07/17/19, 15:26

As tensions are simmering, thousands of Hong Kong’s greying population on Wednesday, July 17, took to the streets to rally against the extradition bill, in solidarity with young protesters. Organizers said some 8,000 silver-haired senior citizens, including a well-known actress, and others in wheelchairs, participated in the march that finished outside ...

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