China’s current economic crisis is very different from the past

Economy 07/29/22, 17:47

The future of China's economy has once again attracted global attention due to a storm of protests by the owners of "unfinished buildings" in Jiangxi Province. According to the annual economic forecast released by the Asian Development Bank on July 21, the GDP forecast for developing Asian countries has been ...

Chinese city stops civil service recruitment amid financial crisis

China 12/30/21, 00:01

Hegang Municipal Government of Heilongjiang announced that it would implement fiscal restructuring due to debt issues. The local government would also postpone its civil service recruitment.  Hegang was the first prefecture-level city in China to carry out financial restructuring. As early as 2018, Yanjiang District and Anyue County in Ziyang City, ...

China’s economy to further weaken, with ‘worst yet to come’

China 11/12/21, 17:45

China's key economic data to be released Monday will be closely analyzed for signs that the downturn is severe enough to urge financial support from authorities, according to a recent report by Bloomberg. There is a likelihood of China's economy continuing to slow down across the board in October with little ...

China’s debt-to-GDP ratio falls, but the economy is still in recession

China 11/05/21, 19:14

China's total debt as a percentage of gross domestic product has fallen for the fourth straight quarter, as the government tries to strike a balance between ensuring steady economic growth and averting financial risks, according to Bloomberg. China's total debt as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) decreased from ...

How does Australia protect the Pacific region against China?

Australia & Oceania 10/10/21, 21:55

In his speech to the National People's Congress in 2013, Xi Jinping described the "Chinese dream" as the restoration of the Chinese nation's power and influence worldwide. After introducing the China Dream, the Xi government adopted the "Belt and Road" initiative to influence the world, focusing on the Asia-Pacific region. The "debt ...

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