Biden repeatedly refuses to call China an opponent in interview with CNN

China 09/18/20, 15:29

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Thursday, Sept. 17, repeatedly refused to recognize China as an opponent after CNN anchor Anderson Cooper pressed him several times. At CNN's town hall with Biden, Cooper first asked the former vice president if he viewed China as an opponent, citing President Trump's accusation that ...

CCP military claims US is ‘destroyer of world peace’

China 09/13/20, 13:07

The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP's) Defense Ministry has accused the United States of causing regional unrest and destroying world peace, two weeks after the Trump administration had just helped broker a historic United Arab Emirates-Israel peace deal. China’s Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian on Sunday, Sept. 13, criticized a Pentagon report ...

President Trump says he will be tougher with China if re-elected

Politics 08/24/20, 10:13

President Donald Trump said on Sunday, Aug. 23, that he will push harder against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) if he wins a second term, while warning that the CCP will own the United States if his Democratic rival Joe Biden is elected. In an interview with Fox News aired on ...

President Trump says Americans should not politicize CCP Virus pandemic

U.S. 08/11/20, 08:34

President Donald Trump on Monday, Aug. 10, accused Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of causing the CCP Virus (coronavirus) pandemic again, while he called on American people to "stop politicizing" the virus outbreak. "We must stop politicizing the virus, and instead be united in our condemnation of how this virus came to ...

China vows retaliation to the US over embassy closure in Houston

China 07/23/20, 01:54

The Chinese Consulate in Houston was ordered by the United States on Tuesday, July 21, to close within three days, and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has reacted with fury. In what it has labeled an “unprecedented escalation,” Beijing promised on Wednesday, to retaliate. According to a senior U.S. official, The ...

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