Experts: Possibility of China utilizing Ukraine crisis to attack Taiwan

China 03/01/22, 04:08

As Russia invades Ukraine, China's military aircraft continue to intrude into the airspace around Taiwan. The outside world is worried that the Chinese regime will take advantage of the chaos to send troops to Taiwan. The Internet even circulated the saying, "Ukraine today, Taiwan tomorrow." However, U.S.-based commentator Lan Shu ...

End the CCP: Taiwan seeks to ban the Chinese Communist Party flag

Culture 04/29/21, 16:06

Amid increasingly aggressive behavior by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Taiwan national security officials have again proposed legislation to ban the use of the CCP flag on the island, Breitbart reported. Lawmakers are deliberating on a bill proposed by Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislator Wang Ting-yu that won the support of ...

Chinese regime could boycott the Netherlands for closer relations with Taiwan

Politics 05/02/20, 14:43

This week the Netherlands changed the name of the Netherlands Trade and Investment Office to Netherlands Office of Taipei, making clear the great progress in cooperation that it has reached with its partner Taiwan. Such a decision provoked Beijing's angst, which maintains a tense diplomatic relationship with Taipei due to Taiwan's ...

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