$140 billion in Chinese bonds may be lifeline to Russia

Insights 03/05/22, 19:13

According to Australian and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) estimates, Russia's central bank and sovereign wealth fund may have $140-billion worth of Chinese bonds. Given global sanctions, Russia may seek to obtain Chinese bond assets to get out of trouble. In a report on Wednesday, analyst Raymond Yeung at ANZ pointed ...

China halts Russian coal imports over financial sanctions

Economy 03/03/22, 21:40

Chinese coal importers are holding back purchasing from Russia upon the mounting sanctions being imposed on Moscow. The buyers struggle to secure loans from state banks and trades have been suspended for the time being. Along with oil, coal prices have shot up this week after the Russian invasion. Newcastle coal ...

Will China give Russia a helping hand amid bank sanctions?

Economy 03/02/22, 18:10

Sanctions from Europe and the U.S. have moved to the Russian Central Bank, controlling 630 billion dollars of foreign exchange reserves. On the last day of February, the U.S. has increased its strict prohibition on transactions with the Russian central bank, intending to collapse the Russian economy and finance completely. ...

China cannot supply high-end chips to Russia amid Ukraine crisis

Economy 03/01/22, 20:04

Russia launched a war on Ukraine on Thursday, Feb. 24, by sea, land and air, triggering comprehensive sanctions from European and American countries. China announced that China-Russia trade would be as usual on the same day, raising concerns that China helped Russia evade sanctions. However, experts say that Russia requires ...

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