Desperate move by Chinese regime to halt population decline

Social problem 01/26/23, 20:59

In a desperate attempt to halt the population decline, parents in China are being offered thousands of U.S. dollars to have more children.  As the country grapples with the disastrous impact of its one-child policy, the more than 17 million residents of the city of Shenzhen will be offered cash to ...

The CCP seeks to reverse the one-child policy disaster

Trending 08/19/22, 14:31

For more than 40 years, the one-child policy was one of the biggest causes of suffering for women in China. Since it was strictly enforced in the early 80s, it is estimated that around 400 million babies were aborted. Efforts to manage the birth rate began when the CCP came ...

China’s parenting costs: second most expensive in the world

Insights 02/25/22, 20:45

On February 22, the "Yuwa Population Research" established by several academic experts released the "Report on the Cost of Childbirth in China". This report, which is based on the "China Statistical Yearbook 2020", shows that the average cost of raising a child in a Chinese family to the age of ...

China records its lowest birth rate for 60 years

Insights 01/17/22, 15:40

Despite the policies of the Chinese regime to increase the birth rate of the population in China, the latest count during the past year turned out to be the lowest for the last 60 years, according to official data.  In this sense, the chief economist of Pinpoint Asset management, Zhiwei Zhang, ...

Chinese soldiers who have not yet fought in battle sobbing with fear

China 10/03/21, 20:47

The Chinese regime is paying the price for the crimes it has committed in the past—the facts are clear—as are the consequences they are facing from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Beijing is said to have actively concealed important information that caused COVID-19 to spread worldwide, and now they are suffering the consequences ...

Chinese man becomes first human infected with H10N3 bird flu strain

China 06/02/21, 02:24

A 41-years-old man in China has been confirmed as the first human case of the H10N3 bird flu, according to the Beijing Health Commission. The patient was admitted to a hospital in Zhenjiang on April 28 after developing a fever and other symptoms. He was diagnosed with the H10N3 virus, an ...

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