Evergrande: Defaults on second bond payment, raising fears of mega default

China 09/30/21, 16:44

Indebted Chinese real estate giant Evergrande was due to make a $47.5 million bond interest payment on Wednesday, Sept. 29, but failed to meet its commitment or communicate anything about it. This is the second multi-million-dollar default in less than a week, raising doubts and fears of a possible default, ...

Is Evergrande ‘Grey Rhino’ capable of bringing down China’s economy?

China 09/27/21, 04:14

The long-awaited debt crisis in China has finally arrived. The news has recently reported on debt collection cases involving the "Evergrande Real Estate" firm, a Chinese real estate behemoth, prompting victims to fight for their rights in several locations. Chinese real estate enterprises frequently employ high leverage. For example, three or ...

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