Biden grilled over CCP Virus origin

News 04/07/21, 18:59

President Biden confirmed with Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy on Tuesday, April 6, that he has not discussed with President Xi Jinping the CCP Virus source (coronavirus).  "President Xi, who I know you go way back with—have you had a chance to ask him if reports are true that China—maybe misled ...

Potentially toxic made-in-China face masks sent to Canadian daycares and schools

U.S. 03/29/21, 05:45

Face masks that may be harmful to the lungs were shipped to Canadian daycares and schools by a Chinese corporation headquartered in Wuhan, China — the global origin point for the CCP (COVID-19) virus. The masks are imported by a Canadian company from China, National File reported. “Radio-Canada has obtained documents showing ...

Vice President Pence ‘proud’ Trump administration avoided starting a new war

Central America 01/19/21, 01:45

America’s second-highest-ranking official congratulated the president for peacefully leading the nation throughout his first term. Vice President Mike Pence applauded President Trump for doing everything in his power to avoid creating new international military confrontations. "I am proud to report with just a few days left in our Administration, our Administration is ...

US Customs seizes 3 cargos of counterfeit goods from China

U.S. 12/19/20, 11:18

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) authorities reported on Dec. 17 that they seized three charges in Los Angeles filled with counterfeit products such as Viagra pills, headphones, sneakers, etc., worth $32 million, Breitbart reported. "The counterfeit items included more than one million erectile dysfunction pills, footwear, belts, purses and headphones in ...

Pentagon to add 8 new members to Defense Policy Board, a China hawk to lead

U.S. 12/15/20, 09:44

The U.S. Department of Defense plans to add eight new members to the Defense Policy Board, acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller announced on Monday, Dec. 14, an effort to remake the independent advisory council after it removed 11 high-profile advisers in November. “These incoming members bring extensive defense and national security affairs experience ...

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