Chimpanzees and gorillas’ lethal encounters seen for first time

World 08/05/21, 16:33

According to scientists, chimps have been seen murdering gorillas in unexpected attacks for the first time in Gabon's Loango National Park. According to a study published Monday in the journal Nature by researchers from Osnabrück University and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany, the confrontations were dramatically different ...

Chimpanzees spotted cracking open tortoises for meat

Europe 05/23/19, 08:46

Scientists have observed wild chimpanzees tucking into an unusual snack: tortoises, whose hard shells they crack against tree trunks before scooping out the meat.In a paper published Thursday by the journal Scientific Reports, researchers from Germany say the behavior they spotted dozens of times in a group of chimpanzees at ...

Chimp dies after 35 years as alpha female in N. Carolina zoo

U.S. 04/16/19, 10:52

The North Carolina Zoo says a 46-year-old chimpanzee has died after 35 years as the dominant female of her group.Zoo officials said in a news release that the chimp named Maggie was humanely euthanized on Friday after health issues including an infection and lung problems. Zookeepers noted she had already ...

Baby chimpanzee born at North Carolina Zoo

U.S. 03/19/19, 20:01

A baby chimpanzee has been born at the North Carolina Zoo, adding to a trickle of such births at U.S. zoos.The zoo announced that the healthy baby was born Monday to a chimp named Gerre (Zha'-ree), and started nursing quickly. The baby's gender hasn't been determined.The announcement said there have ...

Chimps varied “culture” matters for conservation, study says

World 03/07/19, 16:20

Some chimpanzee groups are stone-throwers. Some use rocks to crack open tree nuts to eat. Others use sticks to fish for algae.As researchers learn more about Homo sapiens' closest living genetic relatives, they are also discovering more about the diversity of behaviors within chimpanzee groups — activities learned, at ...

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