Report: Pennsylvania must do more to help Chesapeake Bay

U.S. 05/28/19, 09:49

A nonprofit that tracks pollution in the Chesapeake Bay is once again lambasting Pennsylvania for not doing enough to protect the nation's largest estuary.The Chesapeake Bay Foundation released a report Tuesday that says Pennsylvania's plan to reduce pollution is "woefully ...

Downpours, runoff lead to decline in Chesapeake Bay’s health

U.S. 05/21/19, 17:08

The overall health of America's largest estuary declined last year due to the effects of record-breaking precipitation washing more pollutants into the water, but scientists described the difficult year as a dip for the Chesapeake Bay and not a disaster.For ...

Push resumes to recognize official Pennsylvania amphibian

U.S. 02/04/19, 19:08

The Pennsylvania Senate renewed its push Monday to make a slimy and unsightly salamander the state's official amphibian in an effort to highlight the plight of a creature whose numbers researchers say are declining rapidly because of pollution in rivers ...

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