VIDEO: 9-year-old boy breaks down in tears after his last chemo session

U.S. 12/17/19, 08:57

A 9-year-old Oklahoma boy, who underwent three years of chemo, became so emotional over his last chemotherapy treatment. In August 2016, when Steven Cotter was just 6 years old, he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and underwent his first chemotherapy treatment just a few days later. "He's had so many blood ...

FDA approves 1st immunotherapy drug to treat breast cancer

Business 03/08/19, 18:27

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the first immunotherapy drug for breast cancer.Swiss drugmaker Roche's Tecentriq was OK'd Friday for treating advanced triple-negative breast cancer, which accounts for about 15 percent of cases. It's to be given with chemotherapy, the standard treatment.Mount Sinai breast cancer specialist Dr. Amy ...

UMN’s new device could make at-home cancer treatments easier

Tech 02/11/19, 01:05

Hannah Carlin, a fourth-year student studying microbiology, doesn't recall much of her cancer treatment — granted, she was 16 months old at the time of her diagnosis.But her mother, Beth Heinz, certainly does."You're not guaranteed anything in life. You're not guaranteed a lifetime with your children," Heinz said to The ...

Immunotherapy scores a first win against some breast cancers

Health 10/20/18, 12:05

For the first time, one of the new immunotherapy drugs has shown promise against breast cancer in a large study that combined it with chemotherapy to treat an aggressive form of the disease. But the benefit for most women was small, raising questions about whether the treatment is worth its ...

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