Xinjiang Uighur concentration camp is ‘Hell on earth’

China 12/18/21, 16:30

The "Reveal the Truth: Uighur Tribunal" forum was held in Taipei, Taiwan. Some Uighurs detained in the Xinjiang concentration camp talked about their experiences of being tortured physically and mentally. One of the witnesses recalled the tragic situation and said that the Xinjiang concentration camp was a "hell on earth" ...

Damming testimonies from victims and family members who survived CCP atrocities

China 09/30/21, 18:10

At the September hearings of the Uighur Tribunal, whistleblowers told their stories of human rights violations experienced by members of this ethnic minority in the Xinjiang region of China, according to Bitter Winter, a magazine on religious freedom and human rights in China. This independent people's tribunal investigating "ongoing atrocities and ...

Poland: Huawei director on trial for spying for the CCP

Europe 06/01/21, 19:41

Two men, one Chinese and a Polish national, went on trial Tuesday, June 1, in a Warsaw court accused of using the business of Chinese technology company Huawei as a cover for accessing sensitive Polish government information, Breitbart reported. Weijing Wang and Piotr Durbajlo were arrested in January 2019. Wang has ...

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