The Chinese regime’s army and the mythical seven-headed beast

Human Rights 03/05/22, 19:03

The People's Liberation Army (PLA), under the orders of the Chinese communist regime, has ventured into so many controversial fields that it brings to mind the Hydra. This mythical seven-headed beast plagued the seas of Ancient Greece.  While nations have traditionally boasted of their armies to allies and enemies alike, such ...

Huawei’s big project in Ukraine to be suspended amid Russia’s invasion

Insights 02/28/22, 15:35

China is Ukraine's largest trading partner. Experts say a prolonged Russia-Ukraine war could put billions of dollars in trade between China and Ukraine at risk. In addition, the business of Chinese telecom giant Huawei will also be affected. According to Voice of America on February 25, Dexter Roberts, former China bureau ...

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