Bill Gates says China handles CCP Virus right at beginning, US did it poorly

U.S. 04/27/20, 20:33

Billionaire Bill Gates on the weekend praised the Chinese Communist party (CCP) for its response to the CCP Virus (coronavirus) pandemic, saying that criticism of how its communist regime covered up the virus is a “distraction.” In an interview on Sunday, April 26, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria asked if the CCP should ...

Petition calling for WHO director to resign hits 1 million signatures

World 04/25/20, 12:11

A petition calling for the resignation of the World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus surpassed 1 million signatures on Friday, April 24, which puts more pressure on the WHO leader after he failed to get the CCP Virus information to the world while helping communist China cover up a ...

Civil unrest persists in Paris suburbs amid pandemic confinement

Europe 04/23/20, 12:51

Several Parisian suburbs inhabited mainly by immigrants experienced their fourth night of unrest after an incident involving a young motorcyclist and the police. The events intensified amid confinement by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus, coronavirus epidemic. Since March 17, France has been implementing strict confinement measures, and while neighborhoods such ...

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