CCP Virus vaccines linked to more than 1 million injuries and 12,000 deaths

News 05/31/21, 01:45

A multinational authority that evaluates and supervises medicinal products recorded more than 1 million injuries and 12,000 deaths of people immunized against the deadly disease. Netherlands-based EudraVigilance received nearly 1.2 million reports of injuries, and almost 12,200 fatalities, from suspected adverse reactions to multiple Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus vaccines. CCP Virus vaccine ...

Death tolls rise to 1,170 in US from CCP Virus vaccine

News 02/15/21, 13:05

The number of deaths among those vaccinated against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus in the United States has risen to 1,170, in less than two months since voluntary reports began to be received. So reported the CDC in conjunction with the FDA as they consolidated records between Dec. 14, 2020, ...

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