Spread of CCP virus much wider than first thought say WHO investigators

News 02/16/21, 03:56

Several clues in Wuhan have been discovered that indicate the outbreak of the CCP Virus (Coronavirus) was far wider spread than previously thought. World Health Organization (WHO) investigators have requested urgent access to hundreds of thousands of blood samples. However, the CCP has so far refused to release them. Investigator Peter Ben ...

CCP imprisons journalist who reported on mishandling of CCP Virus

Asia & Pacific 12/28/20, 18:32

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sentenced journalist Zhang Zhan to four years in prison for informing the world about the CCP's mishandling of the CCP Virus, detailing overcrowded hospitals and conditions in Wuhan earlier this year. Zhang was convicted of "generating fights and causing trouble," an accusation typically used by the ...

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