Spain: High Court rules that COVID passports ‘are not duly justified’

News 08/23/21, 17:04

Spain's High Court upheld a ruling by the High Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA) that denied the executive implementing the COVID passport. The passport would have required individuals to prove having received the coronavirus vaccine or a negative test within less than 72 hours. The measure was not justified ...

Security expert explains the shady consequences of the vaccine passports

U.S. 03/10/21, 11:45

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart, the CEO of a data privacy firm predicted a bleak future for humanity if so-called vaccine passports that will cause people's personal information to be available from a Google search are ever installed globally. Rob Shavell, co-founder and CEO of online privacy firm Abine, which ...

UK is reportedly planning to implement a vaccination passport for travel

U.S. 02/11/21, 11:41

UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps reported that his office is planning with other world officials to introduce an "internationally recognized" vaccination passport to check that travelers have the CCP Virus vaccination, which could mean that in the future it will be mandatory to have the vaccine in order to move ...

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