Vaccination push with Delta variant on the loose

News 07/23/21, 05:18

As the Delta variant is now confirmed responsible for a majority of new CCP Virus cases in the U.S. and many other parts of the world, ethical concepts of taking the experimental vaccines start to change.  For months since the vaccines became available in the U.S. under emergency use, some Americans ...

Agricultural prices continue soaring, signalling steadily rising food prices

U.S. 04/25/21, 03:23

This week, a primary agricultural price index continued its upward trend, hitting new highs and possibly signaling an impending increase in grocery prices. Bloomberg's Agricultural Spot Index closed at 386.47 on Friday, April 23, resuming its trend following a brief fall at the start of April, which came after months of ...

The second year of the pandemic challenges American savings

U.S. 03/27/21, 08:53

In the last three months, about half of Americans claim they have saved less than $500. Direct payments from the $1.9-trillion American Rescue Plan began this month, with more expected to arrive this week. Individuals making less than $75,000 are eligible for $1,400 checks, and married couples filing jointly $150,000.  According to ...

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