Pompeo praises President Trump for unmasking the Chinese Communist Party

China 12/09/20, 16:46

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo praised President Donald Trump and his administration for exposing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as the most significant threat to the United States. In statements to Breitbart News, Pompeo noted that Beijing's cover-up of the origin of the CCP Virus (COVID-19) pandemic and its operations of ...

Chinese Consulate in New York is a major spy center, says Mike Pompeo

California 09/28/20, 10:16

In an interview with the New York Post, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the activities carried out by the Chinese Consulate in New York are more like a spying than something diplomatic.  Pompeo said, "They’re engaged in activities where they’re crossing the line from normal diplomacy to the kinds ...

Allegations of genocide by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continue

China 07/18/20, 15:15

More and more facts are coming to light that call the world to wake up to the atrocities committed against the Uighurs and other minorities under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  Two recent events have once again brought the international community's attention to the Uighur minority in Xinjiang, China. On the ...

Dissidents in Hong Kong create new symbols of protest, dodging repression

China 07/08/20, 15:26

The new national security law imposed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Hong Kong becomes a challenge for the defenders of autonomy, now forced to create new symbols to express their desire for freedom. From one day to the next, all forms of expression resembling political slogans were banned. If ...

FBI Director: China wants to be the only world power

China 07/08/20, 08:50

The eighth FBI director, Christopher Wray, gave a speech and answered questions at the Hudson Institute about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) threat on the morning of July 7. Introduced by Walter Mead, international relations and national security fellow at the institute, in his half-hour speech Wray gave a comprehensive presentation ...

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