Several New York Times staffers admit to working for the Chinese Communist Party

New York 04/10/21, 20:03

According to a recent report, several senior employees within the New York Times were previously employed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)–owned English-language newspaper, China Daily. Over the past several years, China Daily has made a significant effort to publish its CCP–controlled news stories in U.S. newspapers.  Current New York Times ...

Republicans seek to expose Chinese Communist Party indoctrination throughout US education system

U.S. 04/02/21, 15:20

Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar, along with other co-sponsors, introduced Thursday a bill called the Higher Education Transparency Act, which would seek to expose Confucius Institutes and other foreign-influenced programs in U.S. colleges and universities. The legislation would require full transparency of public and private educational institutions to expose Chinese Communist ...

CCP gives money to NYU in exchange for power over its affairs

U.S. 03/20/21, 16:47

The influence that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) gains over New York University (NYU) through its large donations allows it to participate in making decisions about even university programs and curriculum. "China [CCP] has engaged in an aggressive financial campaign on American higher education, purchasing influence with multimillion-dollar gifts and contracts," ...

Scientists dismiss Chinese theory: Virus transmission through food and packaging

News 02/20/21, 09:50

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities have repeatedly tried to make the world believe that their health authorities have recorded CCP Virus infections among Chinese workers handling imported frozen foods. But scientists around the world and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently said there is no credible evidence that ...

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