Chinese military’s Achilles heel exposed: Why it’s not ready for war

Weapon/Army 09/17/22, 15:30

A recently released report points to weaknesses in the Chinese military, known as the People's Liberation Army (PLA), that directly affect all levels of leadership within the Chinese armed forces. Joel Wuthnow, the author of the U.S. National Defense University report, researched more than 300 senior Chinese officers between 2015 and ...

‘Capability of PLA can only be maintained for 2 weeks’: Military logistics supporting capability is surprisingly deficient

Weapon/Army 07/21/22, 17:44

Experts: The CCP's military logistics supporting capability is surprisingly deficient Hong Kong media South China Morning Post reported on July 20 that senior U.S. military analysts believe that the CCP's military logistics supporting capability is surprisingly deficient and could become a weak point on the battlefield. The fighting capability of the Air Force ...

China’s president inspects secret facility and orders army to prepare for war

China 09/25/21, 21:50

Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized during an inspection of a base in Shaanxi on Sept. 15 that it is necessary to focus on preparing for war, speed up innovation and development, and comprehensively improve the ability to perform missions and tasks, reported RFI. This was Xi's first public inspection of the CCP's strategic ...

China’s military exercises in Taiwan could herald a future war, reports say

China 02/02/21, 15:11

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) conducted several military exercises in January in the vicinity of Taiwan in preparation for a possible war, according to reports. Taiwan's airspace was overflown for 30 days by People's Liberation Army (PLA) military aircraft on different days in January, according to Taiwanese media. The repeated violations of ...

Xi Jinping calls on the CCP army to ‘prepare for war’

China 11/30/20, 16:52

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping gave a speech last week to leaders and officers of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) at a hotel in Beijing, where he reminded members of the armed forces to prepare for a possible war amid growing tension with the United States and Taiwan.   During ...

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