Former hacker who worked for Twitter denounces Chinese infiltration

Media 09/15/22, 16:58

This Tuesday, Sept. 13, Peiter Zatko testified before a Senate Committee as part of a complaint he filed warning about Twitter's security failures. In his testimony, Zatko said Twitter's security precautions were so deficient that if an intelligence agency had not infiltrated the company, "most likely it's not doing its job." "I ...

Chinese schools deploy facial recognition system

Uncategorized 02/25/22, 16:32

Since 2019, Chinese schools have been implementing facial recognition systems, and parents have complained that the technology jeopardizes their children's privacy. According to the Shanghai-based Sixth Tone media source, a parent named Tan filed a complaint with the Badong County administration after a local middle school forced children to use facial ...

Chinese ambassador to US touts Beijing-style ‘democracy’

China 09/27/21, 22:18

A diplomat from a communist-ruled country suggested American leaders should try a Chinese style of leadership on Sept. 22. Qin Gang raised eyebrows when he encouraged every American to follow the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) style of governing. The Chinese ambassador to the United States compared so-called Beijing democracy to late President ...

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