Foreign journalists group disappointed with Beijing Olympics’ reporting

Insights 02/23/22, 14:15

The Foreign Correspondents' Club of China (FCCC) expressed their dismay on Monday, Feb. 21, saying the media environment for foreign journalists during the Winter Olympics Games did not match expectations. The FCCC statted, "The Foreign Correspondents' Club of China is dismayed that the conditions for independent reporting in China continue to ...

Hong Kong: Independent online outlet ‘Stand News’ raided, six people arrested

Trending 12/29/21, 14:26

Hundreds of Hong Kong national security police officers raided the offices of online pro-democracy news outlet Stand News, arresting six people, early on Wednesday, Dec. 29th. According to the police, the journalists homes were also searched. The reason behind was "conspiracy to publish seditious publications." , including deputy editor Ronson Chan, ...

TikTok censors video of Cuban communist regime’s repression

Tech 07/15/21, 18:36

TikTok users denounced the social network for banning a video of people protesting against Cuba's communist government. The Chinese communist regime-controlled video sharing service allegedly suspended user Celine Fernandez for several days. Her only crime was sharing footage of political unrest in Cuba. "Tiktok suspended me from posting for two days …[and] ...

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