Democratic Party prioritizes saving governors who are party members says report

U.S. 03/07/22, 16:44

A political expert said a growing number of Democrat supporters directed financial contributions towards the 2022 gubernatorial elections. Cooper Teboe recently observed a "real shift" in significant donations to the Democratic Party. The campaign strategist and donor adviser at CDT Strategies found the money has moved from federal- to state-level politics. "Of ...

50% of voters are ‘frustrated’ with Biden says poll

U.S. 01/17/22, 03:39

Half of Americans feel angry and annoyed about the Biden administration, a new survey found. The latest CBS News poll revealed 50% of voters felt "frustrated" with Joe Biden's presidency. The sample study of 2,094 respondents found 49% were "disappointed" and 40% were "nervous." Only 25% were calm and satisfied, while 22% ...

Poll: Two-thirds of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of inflation

U.S. 11/21/21, 18:47

As inflation is biting into the households' budget, about two-thirds of Americans said that they disapproved of how President Biden is handling the inflation in a new poll. Recent government data showed that U.S. annual consumer prices in October climbed 6.2% from a year ago, marking the highest inflation rate since ...

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