A baseball branding bonanza, and 2 guys helping it happen

Baseball 04/22/19, 01:06

On a spring evening in eastern Pennsylvania, upon a bluff overlooking the Lehigh Valley, a carnival of baseball and pork products is at hand.From loudspeakers, swine-like sounds reverberate. Vendors roam the stands in clothing festooned with outsized strips of bacon. ...

Belgian carnival may lose UN recognition amid anti-Semitism

Europe 03/22/19, 10:59

The U.N.'s cultural agency said Friday it is considering whether to remove its recognition of a Belgium carnival as a valuable piece of cultural heritage following accusations of anti-Semitism during a parade.UNESCO, Jewish organizations and European authorities have condemned the ...

PHOTOS: Masks at heart of Greek Carnival tradition

Entertainment 03/16/19, 09:33

Springtime in northern Greece is ushered with loud and colorful festivals, many hailing from centuries-old traditions, later tied to the religious calendar.In villages across the region, there are drums, ear-piercing pipe music, customs passed on from grandparents, and what many ...

Greek carnival showcases variety of ancient traditions

Europe 03/14/19, 08:17

Greek carnivals at this time of year can be modest but they showcase ancient rites and traditions as well as providing reminders to some bloody moments in the country's modern history."Clean Monday" in the Greek Orthodox calendar, marks the beginning ...

Rio de Janeiro Carnival kicks off with Bolsonaro backlash

America 03/01/19, 19:23

Rio de Janeiro's world-famous Carnival officially began with streets parties and revelry Friday amid expectations the first such celebration since Jair Bolsonaro took office would target the far-right president known for offending the LGTB community and minorities.At Carmelitas, one of ...

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